Sam's online 10 week bootcamp


I started the course on Saturday but only got time to do the challenge today (hence doing the weekly not daily course!).

I’ve been saying shwmae, bore da and p’nawn da to the majority of people I’ve met this week but had no strong reactions form anybody yet. Tomorrow is obviously shwmae day so hopefully I’ll be hearing a few more responses yn Cymraeg.

For the audio challenge I did Course 2 Lesson 13 South.

In the past I have done Course 1 and Course 2 up to about Lesson 10. I have also done the Canolradd course with Welsh for Adults and finished in 2011. Since then I’ve been practising on and off but I’m very much out of practise now and nowhere close to how proficient I was in the past. Hopefully I can get back up to my old level and beyond!

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I hope that the 10 week bootcamp gives your Welsh the same boost as the 10 day camp did mine. Have fun.

I’ll look forward to hearing how it all goes for you, Sam - and well done on getting off to a flying start with the first challenge! :sunny: