Salon Creadigol--it's more than meets the eye

Then let’s keep it simple and easy to remember Deborah, Salon Creadigol it is.

Croeso—welcome to Salon Creadigol where we can post and discuss our own creations in any medium from paintings, pottery and photos, to poetry, prose or a musical composition,… from woodwork and metalwork to knitting and sewing projects—absolutely anything you have created yourself and are willing to share.

Why a Salon? In days of yore, that’s what they used call gatherings of folk who would present or read their own works, discuss them, and support one another by offering encouragement and helpful suggestions, or using each other’s ideas as a springboard for further creativity.

Why now? Call it coincidence or serendipity that this grew out of a conversation on a recent thread called Everything old is new again…. And what better time to start than as we approach St. David’s Day—which I recall as a half day off from school, having spent the morning either participating in the school Eisteddfod, or listening spellbound to a storyteller bringing Welsh myths and legends to life.

I am no great writer, so to get the ball rolling, here’s my contribution—a watercolour. Can you guess where it is or maybe weave a story around it?

Over to you.



WOW!! :heart_eyes:

I know where that is! That’s Pen Pyrrod in the distance, so this is Rhossili, Penrhyn Gŵyr. It’s a stunning place, but I think your painting of it is even more stunning! I love your use of colour, and the water is so fluid and I think water is so difficult to paint, but you’ve nailed it!

What did you find the most challenging part?


My work is more assemblage, but before I get on to my main stuff which uses various stones, I’ll start with a birthday card I made from scratch with pressed flowers gathered locally. These are pics I took before I gave it to my Nain in 2016 on her 100th birthday


Gwych, Diolch yn fawr iawn Siaron.

You are right first time—llongyfarchiadau! What an amazing beach that is—we used to camp near there.

As for the hardest part of the painting, I had two challenges: the reflection on the water certainly, but the other was the colour and texture of the sand.

I painted the puddles with a wet-in-wet method, and worked with rough, cold-pressed rag-paper which helped create the surface of the sand. However, I had to experiment with different pigments to get the beach the way you see it. Sometimes there is no substitute for the old-fashioned, natural earth colours.

Diolch eto. Hwyl,


How beautiful Siaron! Your Nain must have been thrilled to receive such a personal card that reminded her of wildflowers she had enjoyed all her long life.

The collection and arrangement make it completely unique—I love it. Do you still press flowers and plants? How? What do you recommend?

I watched a programme about C17 British gardens which featured the original books of pressed plants from that era that are kept at Oxford University. Maybe your own collections will record plants which may one day become scarce or disappear.

Thank you,


It’s something I hadn’t done for years, and not something I do regularly, but I wanted to give her a little piece of Snowdonia because although she’d never visited, she had read lots of books about it.

I did these on sheets of kitchen paper under some very heavy books, and it took a month or two for them to press properly. I think if I were to do pressing more regularly, I’d invest in a proper flower press.

Here are the Welsh names of the flowers I used:
Bysedd y Cŵn
Pabi Cymreig
Blodyn Neidr
Meillionen Goch
Llin-y-llyfant Porffor
Suran y Cŵn
Bara Ceiniogen
Blodyn Menyn
Duegredynen Werdd


So my next project is to match the names to the plants…


The colours do change a little during pressing, so that makes it even more of a challenge!




Wow - that is stunning! I’m not usually a fan of watercolours for some reason, but I am very taken with your beautiful picture.

I’ve got a piece of work “ar y gweill” (I have no painting/drawing skill whatsoever, I’m afraid - I’m very much in awe of those of you that have - so my creativity has to find other outlets). It’ll be a couple of weeks until it’s finished, but I promise to share a picture when it’s done :slight_smile:


Thank you so much Sara. I look forward to seeing your creation.

Between the COVID lockdowns, travel restrictions, then actually catching a severe bout of it last year so celebrating our golden wedding anniversary isolated in our cabin for a week—bottom line, I am finding that revisiting places in my mind’s eye and putting golden memories on paper far safer, and hugely enjoyable.

The hikers here may recognise this :wink:


I know exactly where that is too (my old stomping ground!), but I’ll let someone else name it this time :wink:


I have seen it in all kinds of weather and glorious light, but hiked it in pouring rain as part of a very long trail. Go figure!


I did my Duke of Edinburgh’s award expedition up there, and I’ve even been in a helicopter to the top as part of Mountain Rescue Team training, but all that was many years ago now.


Wow Siaron, I am in awe! Good for you.


I love this thread!

It will get a mention in our weekly newsletter and on our Facebook page soon, hoping we can drum up more interest and get more people involved.

Loving the work that’s been shared so far - you’re both very talented! :heart:


Bore da pawb,
My little sculpted dragon is a bit of a poser. Loves having his photo taken with the flag. In fact, he is the flag! I think he’s just getting ready for the big day tomorrow (Dydd Gwyl Dewi). My favourite mediums are traditional watercolours and painting and sculpting things on my iPad. Mwynhewch!


He’s lovely! I love the character in his face and the twinkle in his eye!
I’ve never had a go at doing anything digital (bit of a technophobe!)

Hi Guys,
Here’s a watercolour I did a few years ago of Lichfield Cathedral. What’s the connection with Wales? Well, the oldest surviving fragment of written Welsh (marginal inscriptions recording a land dispute in a mid-9th century manuscript) is kept here in the cathedral. Well worth a visit, if you haven’t visited this lovely city.
Cofion cynnes