Saith Seren To Close

Sad news indeed as, the pub is closing next month I’ve just heard on Radio Cymru. Hopefully, Geraint/Gruntius can tell as more. Trist iawn!

“The closure will come as a blow to the Welsh speaking community in the town as the centre aimed to provide a venue for Welsh speakers, learners and supporters of the language and culture to mingle and socialise and said it is a “step backwards” for the Welsh language on a local level.”

Just found this statement on their website:

“Steve Eaves will play the last gig at the center on 15 May and officially close its doors on 16 May.”

Steve Eaves is playing the final gig so it’s bound to be - dan i sang/chokka-blok so book early. Ymlaen i Canaan…Ymlaen, ymlaen.

Really, truly dreadful news. Shame on Cymdeithas Tai Clwyd Alun.

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The last fifteen years have sadly seen the sad loss of community pubs, central to the heart beat of communities throughout Cymru and England. Fifteen years ago the pubs of Caernarfon and Dyffryn Nantle were packed: now many, too many, are closed or empty…like here in Kent.


Agree, combination of cheap drink at home, comms revolution and a lot more stuff which means thst people don’t physically meet as much, drink or no drink. A sad situation for spoken language but good for typing skills, I fear. I’m told by the ‘young’ that you’d never go to a pub to cop off now😜
Just surprised myself by recalling what ‘cop off’ means. That’s ageing for you.
I keep having this discussion with my mate about how can we find something for small communities which get them to meet and speak to each other socially. We’re struggling for something positive but one thing’s sure, if there’s a threat like say, building a waste consolidation plant locally, they’ll pack neuadd y pentre😀
It’s really concerning when something like Saith Seren which provides for a pretty specific community with a unifying interest can’t make a go of it.
I’m ashamed I never made it to the Saith Seren.


Still not too late to make it. I went last week (a 50 mile trip from Wigan) and nearly went again last night but o’n i’n mynd a ci fy merch am dro - I was taking my daughter’s dog for a walk instead. Had I known what was going to happen I would have definitely gone.

Next week and every week until closure if possible I will try to go. Hopefully the weekly Monday night grwp ymarfer / sgwrsio can find a new home and carry on meeting. In Manchester we only have a monthly meet like many other areas and that is really not enough to keep in practice.

I wonder how much cash they are actually short of. If all of us on SSiW threw money into the hat …? Or rapidly and desperately seek a new sponsor?

They reached out for support, and got a lot, when they were starting up - so my guess is that they feel the difference is too great even to present it to their existing supporters - but maybe worth someone getting in touch with them to double-check…

Digon teg, but Wrecsam area will now be in urgent need of a new Canolfan Cymreig a Chymraeg, even if it is a protest tent on Chester Street outside the closed Saith Seren until a new venue can be found. Possibly the current Saith Seren management cannot or should not open a new centre through the channel of the existing company for legal / financial / administrative reasons but someone should do so. The saddest thing would be for everyone to just go home and stop meeting at all.


I completely agree.

I finally figure out what Saith Seren is and they’re closing it. If I’d win a lottery I’d pay all the bills for next 10 years just ot let it opened.

Yah, sad thing which might result into stopping meeting BUT there’s always a way if people are “warmed” enough for the things to go on so hopefully they won’t stop meeting. I’m sure there many friendships were gained too and as such should never end.

Pob lwc i bawb.

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I’m very sad to hear the news too, I used to go to the Monday night meeting when i stayed over at Bala. They have a great community and the Wrecsam people are so welcoming and friendly, I;m sure that the group will continue,

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Yes, so sad. I’ve bought my train ticket to Wrexham for my first visit to Saith Seren tomorrow evening, and I was hoping to make it a regular haunt for the future.
Let’s hope that a new venue, with a sympathetic landlord can be found because it would be a tragedy if the facility were to be permanently lost.
To paraphrase a famous author " for bad things to happen all that is needed is for good men to do nothing.
I’d be only too happy to help should it be possible.


If you missed this: Latest details - Rescue mission for Saith Seren You are able to help if you can.

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