Saith Seren - Monday 7pm chat session yn Y Gymraeg

Just a quick reminder that there is a Welsh practice conversation group every Monday evening at 7pm at the Saith Seren in Wrecsam. As a number of us are now trying to save the community co-operative pub and Welsh language/culture centre that is the Saith Seren, now might be a good time to start going if anyone is interested.

Last time I looked on their website at the place is still officially scheduled to close from 16th May due to financial difficulties. However, there is hope that the venture may yet be saved.

Dw i’n bwriadu mynd noswaith yfory. I intend to go tomorrow evening (20th April, quite possibly “today” by the time people read this). Bydda i’n teithio o Wigan. I will be travelling (all the way) from Wigan, Lloegr (but well worth the journey).


Also see related thread Rescue mission for Saith Seren. The more people that can donate, the better chance of saving this unique facility.

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I hope you have a good crowd there tonight! Croesi bysedd!

It was really good to meet you at the Saith Seren last night Bob. Hope to see you there again sometime.

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Dw i’n bwriadu mynd eto noswaith yfory. I intend to go again tomorrow evening (27th April) and probably every week whilst Saith Seren remains under threat. Yes, “all the way” from Wigan, again (only about an hour on the Motorways).

If we can save it, I will of course continue to go, but possibly then not every week whilst stuck living 50 plus miles away yn Gogledd Orllewin Lloegr.

If anyone else on the forum is going, see you (and all the regulars) there tomorrow!

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