S4C's Prynhawn Da looking for guests for 'Newid Byd'

Hello All,

I know this thread comes up every so often, but I’ve just been speaking to my friend Angharad who is a producer for Tinopolis, working on S4C’s “Prynhawn Da” and “Heno” shows.

They are looking for people to appear in their regular Tuesday afternoon “Newid Byd” slot. A slot of about 5 minutes in length where people get the chance to tell the story of how the language has changed their lives, or some other life change of sorts.

It’s a great experience, you don’t necessarily need to be a “fluent” speaker, and you will receive a small fee and your travel expenses covered.

There are more than enough of you here who are capable of doing this - I’ve already given her about 6 names from my own personal life which she is currently in the process of contacting, however it would be great to see more SSIW people on the big screen!

If you have any interest at all, or want to know more - get in touch with me and I will put in direct contact with Angharad


@Deborah-SSi :slight_smile:

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I’ve been on Prynhawn Da a couple of times and they have been very positive experiences. Tinopolis are based in the centre of Llanelli. Five minutes goes very quickly when people are asking you questions, and I’m sure that it would be straightforward for learners to rehearse answering common questions such as where are you from, why are you learning Welsh, what difference has it made to your life etc. I’d deffo recommend this opportunity :slight_smile:


I agree with @Nicky and @neilrowlands! It’s a great opportunity and the people at Tinopolis are SO supportive. It ends up being fun and you totally forget there are cameras anywhere around you.

I was super nervous when I did it, but afterwards I was disappointed the 5 minutes went so fast and I wished I could do it again!

If you can get to Llanelli on a Tuesday afternoon, contact Angharad through @Nicky and have a go. It’s a great experience … and it’s amazing how many people in the community see you afterwards and say “Hey, you were on Prynhawn Da. Well done!” but in Welsh of course :wink:


Come on SSIW’ers!

Angharad is coming around our house on Monday to film a different piece, and I want to be able to have sent some people her way by then :smiley:

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I’m sorry if this is a stupid question, but what is “newid byd” in English? “World of change”? “Changing world?”

It could word for word mean a few things, but “Changing world” would be how I would sort of take it.


Is this still open? I’ve watched it a few times and I’m not at the required level yet but it’d be something to aspire to.


Hi Luke,

Angharad is still always on the hunt for guests. The “newid byd” section does not exist in that form anymore, but there is still a daily “guest” slot that she is always desperate to fill. So whenever you fancy it, let Angharad know - or I can put you in touch.