S4C to Launch New Learners "Simple Welsh" Program on Sundays

S4C are due to launch a new learners program on Sunday 28th September

S4C will be launching a new service with the aim of helping more people to gain confidence in their Welsh-language skills.

The new service Dal Ati (Go For it) – which starts 28 September on S4C – will broadcast two hours of interesting programmes every Sunday in simple Welsh.

The new morning show is the fruit of detailed research, which showed a need for S4C to introduce programmes that will give Welsh learners, and those who aren’t comfortable using Welsh, more confidence in their language skills.

Dal Ati, is a two-hour service that will offer a number of new programmes and series, including Bore Da (Good Morning) and Milltir² (Square Mile). These programmes will feature specially edited archive programmes, which cover a variety of topics and stories presented in easy Welsh. S4C will also be launching a new campaign with the slogan, “Your Welsh is good enough! Just Dal Ati (Go For It)”.

As well as the programmes, Dal Ati will soon be launching a new app, website and digital service that will support the on-screen content.

I’ll have to try to catch this, thanks!

Just to add, that “Dal ati” actually means “Keep at it”, but it generally means the same thing!

We’ve all been waiting for this new service since S4C announced its start date a couple of months ago, with the anticipation as to how different from its predecessor “HWB” it will be. Still not entirely sure about its start time (rumoured to be early Sunday morning around 7am, unlike HWB which had a 4-5pm slot on Sunday afternoons!) But I will be watching to see what has changed (at the very least it will be recorded to watch later on!)

This sounds brilliant!

I’m a big fan of the “more natural & less classroom” approach when it comes to learning material. (Maybe that’s why I like SSIW so much), so I can’t wait for this :slight_smile:

This sounds ideal. I hope Nia Parry will be involved too!

I believe that she will be very much involved in the new service Rob.

It looks like there are 2 programmes in fact - Bore Da and Dal Ati - which I have just set up to record on Sky+. The first is at 10:30 and the second at 11:30 each Sunday.


Great news. Diolch Gavin and Stu!

Will it be on YouTube? I can’t watch s4c from Australia. :frowning:

Browsing for Welsh related apps in the Play Store earlier, I came across the new Dal Ati app. It appears it was released for Android on 26 October. Quite a good app, really. Well worth the download if you’re an Android user :slight_smile: