S4C sunday evening Yr Arfordir: Sir Benfro

I started watching this because we went to this part of Pembrokeshire last year on holiday so it was nice to see all the places that we visited. One thing i didn’t really agree with was someone on the programme said something to the effect that incomers didn’t really care about the old place names. He was annoyed with ordnance survey people because they had produced a map with an English name which wasn’t the correct translation of the old Welsh name or something. In my experience though people who move to a place by choice are more interested in heritage rather than people who have always lived there and just get on with their lives but what does anyone else think.

This is a really complex one.

There are all sorts of people in the world and all sorts of people who move to Wales. Some of them want to be in Wales, some of them even want to be welsh, some of them are welsh and are moving back after being away. And some people (including some people who’ve been away) are looking for something that they believe Wales offers but maybe it doesn’t. This latter category will often try to change Wales once they get here and find out the truth about their new country.

And even *that’*s a generalisation. :wink:

However, I think it odd that someone expects English and Welsh names in somewhere like Sir Benfro to be exact translations of each other. That’s not how place names work at all!