S4C *REINSTATED* on TVPlayer app

I just tried to watch S4C on the TVPlayer app only to find that the channel has been removed from the TV guide! I’ve been online to see if there were any public announcement about its removal, and nothing!
TVPlayer is a free live TV platform available in the UK who allows users of laptops, tablets and smartphones to watch free-to-view UK channels via their app. On the 1st May, they added S4C to their channel list, and a public announcement to this effect was made through various news outlets online.
I have emailed the TVPlayer support link to inform them about the missing channel and to find out what’s happening. I will repost when they get back to me (or if it suddenly reappears!)

S4C is still available via the TVCatchup live TV platform I might add!

Gutted, that it’s gone…I had a direct link on my favourite bar. I see B.B.C Alba remains though…

Just managed to watch the last 5 minutes of 35 Diwrnod on the TVPlayer app, after discovering that the service has indeed been reinstated after it went missing over the weekend! :smiley: