S4C programme: Mynyddoedd y Byd

Just watched the first one (based in Uganda’s western mountains). Really interesting. I didn’t find the Welsh too hard to follow either. It does come with the option for subtitles in both Welsh and English.



If the rest of the series is as good as the first programme it is one not to miss.

The presenters Welsh was easy to understand but I think it will be harder to understand some of the other presenters.

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Having read what you wrote, @llanddinol I recorded Y Himalaia, and found Ffion Dafis, Alwenna from R&R and also a lead in Byw Celwydd, was the presenter! I post this fact for the benefit of the many male Forum members whom I know admire her!

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This is a brilliant series.

They’ve gone to Uganda, the Himalayas, the Alps, the Andes and now the Rockies. Theyve still got Korea to go.

Listening to people speak the local languages (various First Nations, various Central African, Tibetan, Nepalese, Spanish, French, Swiss German, and local Peruvian) whilst reading the subtitles in Welsh. It’s amazing how many cultures, industries, communities and conflicts this programme has covered. Highly Highly recommend it!


Diolch yn fawr, @AnthonyCusack, I didn’t realise I’d missed one! I am about to watch the Uganda program on my lap top, as it never appeared on Catch up on TV, although I can watch S4C live on Sky and record it! If you hadn’t listed them, I’d never have realised that it does get mentioned in the ‘lead in’!! I agree, brilliant series! How do they afford it? @siaronjames , any idea?
Edit Oh, I was so happy for the people and feeling humbled by their appreciation of the value of freedom to just be themselves. A freedom they had been obliged to fight for. But then, at the end, we are told that, once more they are being attacked, once more forced to defend their culture, their language, their mountains, their home. Will humanity never learn to stop enjoying the power to impose one way over another? Is it so hard to live and let live? So hard to see the value in all the different cultures, languages and ways of life? :sob:

I guess they get the pitch in while the ‘pot’ is still full!
Seriously though, looking at the end credits I see it was done by Green Bay Media as a co-production with JTV, a South Korean production company ( http://www.publicnow.com/view/8522129C5AE61B6DB3E4904EFD60A7074835FB45?2017-06-09-17:31:34+01:00-xxx7862 and http://www.s4c.wales/e_press_level2.shtml?id=3625 ) with funding coming from S4C, KCA (a South Korean broadcaster) and the Welsh Government.

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Aha, was that the one about Korean mountains? I didn’t think it had been shown yet. I just wonder if each was made with a local broadcaster?

no, the Green Bay/JTV/KCA collaboration was the same for all of them.

Fascinating! Da iawn S4C!!! And they are excellent programs! I hope there will be another series and, when they run out of mountains, they could do deserts or lakes or…???