S4c lvl

will i be on s4c level after 1 year of learning?

Tricky question, Markie - depends what you do in that year, and depends what you mean by ‘S4C level’ - understanding bits of it, understanding most of it, understanding it as easily as you’d understand something in English?

Well, from my experience, if you turn subtitles on, also after one month!


maybe around 50 - 60%, i’d be happy with

I think it will help you more if you have more easily measurable goals - so if you commit to watching an hour a week of S4C, for example, you know if you’ve done that or not - and what you need to do if you don’t hit the target.

Otherwise, I’m also a bit wary of making predictions for someone on an evening class - I don’t have more than a tiny amount of personal experience of that environment.

If you throw yourself into your learning - and, vitally, make sure you do a huge amount of speaking and listening practice, then by a year from now you’ll certainly be having moments of real success when you feel excited about having conversations with people or understanding the gist of what’s happening on television… :slight_smile:

it’s cool. i’m fairly patient, so even if it takes a few years it’s fine by me, all in good time. The game starts tomorrow, let’s see how i do.

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just got back from my course, it went very well…


Great! What was your first lesson like?

With regards to S4C I would say the best advice would be to watch it a lot. By all means use the subtitles, but also try watching it without the subtitles - the key isn’t understanding everything at this stage, it’s just about letting the language soak in.

As you learn more Welsh you will start the recognise words here and there, which will develop and grow as you go.


it was fairly intense but that’s probably a good thing.

Getting all the basics down at the mo, asking eachother things etc, going well so far, got another lesson on fri.