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Bore da pawb. I’ve been wrestling with the s4c clic app on my Amazon firestick for a while now. It seems to buffer and stop no matter what I do! All of the other apps on the firestick are fine and unfortunately I can’t download apps directly to my tv. Has anyone had similar problems and is there a way around this? (Obviously I am based in England).

I have no specific experience with the Fire stick, but one idea you could try would be accessing S4C via the web browser Silk (for example, but any browser should do). Just go to s4c.cymru and go from there, see if that helps with the issue.

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Some S4C stuff (including live TV and some catch-up) is available on BBC iPlayer if thats any more reliable?

Also you can get BBC Wales via this if you change your location in the settings.

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Hi Olly. Sara from S4C here, and I’ve only just seen this thread! (Long story as to why…)

Did you get the issue with your Firestick sorted out? If not (and for anyone else reading who has similar problems with this or any of the other ways of using the Clic Player) I would urge you to contact the Viewers’ Hotline to see if they can help you. They’re lovely and friendly, and they seem to know about all the technical issues that go waaaay above my head. :slight_smile:

You can find the different ways to contact them on the website here: Contact Us | S4C

The phone number is:
“Viewers’ Hotline: 0370 600 4141
Calls cost no more than a national rate call to an 01 or 02 number.”

(If you’re feeling brave you can have a chat with them in Welsh, but they’ll happily speak English with you as well.)

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