Ruth Jones - Who Do You Think You Are

I’ve just watched this programme on BBC1. Deeply moving and a credit to Ruth Jones. a little bit of welsh language, and plenty of welsh culture and history,


You can watch this programme here -


I watched it with my Mum who grew up in Wales but speaks no Welsh. I was rather chuffed when I could translate some of the Welsh being said before the subtitles came up!


Really enjoyed the programme.

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Ah thank you! I wouldn’t have had the confidence to say anything in welsh without Say Something in Welsh! and I was so proud to discover my ancestors were Welsh speakers. Myself, my sister and brother have all been enjoying learning/speaking Cymraeg thanks to ssiw and it feels brilliant! Diolch o galon :blush:


How lovely to see you on the forum (although it feels a bit odd to speak/text in English with you now!) :slightly_smiling_face::star2:

The hugely emotional nature of your journey is going to resonate with and inspire so many people on here :heart:


I totally agree, such an amazing thing to find someone in your past who has had such a profound and beneficial effect on the lives of everyone in the UK. Her story was filled with happiness and sadness but was an engaging story. It was also pleasing, as someone who has only been learning Cymraeg since last year, that I could understand all she said in Welsh too.

I enjoyed it so much and it was a real treat to see beautiful Ceredigion too. My great grandparents moved from there to London in 1881 and we’ve been going back ever since - almost 140 years! - although not at the moment, obviously. I can’t wait to get back there again. It was a wonderful programme.

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Really enjoyed it, so interesting.

My wife and I enjoy the series very much and have seen the other three episodes via our cable TV service. Unfortunately, we missed Ruth Jones’s turn, which, for me, was the most important, as I’m Welsh! Here in Belgium we are unable to use the iPlayer facilities to watch the programme again, so does anyone know of plans for a repeat?

My wife and I loved watching it last night. I’ve been researching my Welsh ancestry for about a year now after doing the DNA test and finding Welsh cousins on my dad’s side I never knew about. I now have photos of my grandfather when I didn’t even know his name a year ago let alone what he looked like. We’re so looking forward to driving around Wales to see where my ancestors lived and practise some Welsh of course. I’ve gone back to about 1800.


Sadly (as always) I can not watch (at least not legaly). But I’m happy to see @ruth-jones-2 here on the forum!

Iaith a’r daith was superb and I’m glad at least I could watch this.