Running Welsh Marathon & Marathon Eryri

Today, to raise funds for the brain injury charity Headway, SSiW Oxford’s Rebecca is running the Welsh Marathon, plus in October Marathon Eryri. Should any of you feel like contributing, she has a Just Giving page here: (Barefoot) Marathons for Marcus - JustGiving
And if any of you should happen to be in the Tenby/Pembroke area today or Eryri in October, I’m sure she’d appreciate a bit of support :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ll almost certainly be at Marathon Eryri (working it, not running it!), so I’ll look out for her - or she’s welcome to come find me for a quick chat (I’ll more than likely be in my usual attire - a blue ‘Cwmni Da’ hi-vis over a huge orange hi-vis coat and green fluffy hat and holding a big yellow folder!)