Rhy v gormod


Another couple of words that I’m not too sure why i use when…

Wedi blino ‘gormod’
Rhy aml

Can anyone explain which to use when with these two when you want to say ‘too’ ?



“too” is " rhy" and needs another word like aml, or an adjective, like rhy poeth, too hot or rhy oer , too cold. " Gormod" is " too much", you can’t use it together with other adjectives.
So you can say: Dw i wedi talu gormod = I’ve paid too much, or: Roedd o’n rhy drud = It was too expensive.


Hi Brigitte

That makes sense but I get confused with phrases like ‘dw wedi blino ‘gormod’’ and dw wedi maddwi when you would be too tired or too drunk. …


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Seems to be -
Rh(w)y = too
Rhy aml too often

Gormod = too much.
Wedi blino/meddwi: Have tired/have become drunk
Wedi blino gormod: have tired too much.

OK so they both mean excessive(ly), which IS confusing, fair doos.
Excessively often: Rhy aml
Got tired, excessively: Wedi blino gormod

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Think of “wedi …” as how it is literally.

Dwi wedi blino =I have tired (I’m after tiring).
Dwi 'di blino gormod = I’ve tired too much.

You can’t use an intensifier with “wedi blino” but you can with “blinedig”.

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