Rhif vs Nifer - are there any difference?

I’ve been having a bit of difficulty in understanding the difference between them while I was reading maths textbooks in welsh and I’ve came across ‘nifer’ as in “Cyfrwch y niferoedd”. I’ve always thought it was supposed to be ‘rhifau’.

I appreciate any help! :upside_down_face:

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In general (though there are grey areas!), it’s rhif / rhifau if you’re referring to actual numbers (digits/integers), and nifer / niferoedd if you mean ‘number’ as in ‘amount’.

Have a look at the Geiriadur yr Academi https://geiriaduracademi.org/ entry for ‘number’ - that gives you examples of various phrases/useages.


Diolch Siaron!

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Mae nifer mawr o bobl yno

There are a large number of people there

there = yna/fan’na (in speech)

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Thanks for the example Brynle! :smile:

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