Rhaid (yn rhaid?)

I just finished Course 1 (Southern). The construction for using rhaid was explained as being the same as for eisiau, but it sounds to me that both Cat and Iestyn are saying “mae’n rhaid i…” (with an 'n) rather than “mae rhaid i…” Am I just hearing things or can there be an 'n in there?

In the written guide it’s introduced like this:

I’d understand this as that there’s no “'n” neccessary to be added but you optionally can use it what leads me to thinking that actually both is correct.

What concerns me I always went for what (in this case both) Cat and @Iestyn say. I felt this particular structure to be said easier this way.


Diolch / hvala, Tatjana. I’m glad I wasn’t just hearing things! In my previous attempts at learning Welsh, I had learned the “rhaid” construction without the 'n, so I think I will continue with that. As Iestyn often says, people will still understand!

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Yup! And ---------- Ni za kaj. Še drugič. (You’re welcome. Next time again) is how we often say in Slovenia. :slight_smile:

Well, I’m learning to go with what is easier and still (kind of) right.