Can anyone help me with a ‘simple’ explanation of when to use RHAID or GORFOD to mean ‘must’ or ‘have to’

Hendrik’s answer from a post couple of days ago should help: Gorfod or rhaid?

Thanks Siaron. I just checked Hendrik’s answer. He says they are interchangeable - which is good news for us learners. Iestyn on SSiW (old course 2 - South) has recently introduced Gorfod and it has confused me. Now I know that I can use one or the other I am a lot more comfortable.

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Not wanting to confuse you in any way :-), there is one use of rhaid that distinguishes it in meaning from gorfod: rhaid bod as in rhaid bod yn gamgymeriad - it must be a mistake. This does not convey the sense of obligation that gorfod and other uses of rhaid do.


Diolch Louis. I will remember that one. Cadwch yn dda!