Rhaid I fi or dw i'n gorfod

Can I use rhaid I fi and dw i’n gorfod to mean the same thing. Are there different situations where these terms are used.

Actually I’ve never quite got my head around this myself Rhaid is a noun and gorfod is a verb. To me Rhaid is having to and Gorfod must. There is perhaps a subtle distinction in English and maybe also in the Welsh. So if I’m leaving the pub (back when we could do that) I’d say ‘Rhaid i mi fynd’. If I had to go to catch a train then I might use gorfod. As always with learning don’t worry about it too much!

As Y Ddraig Las said, it’s a subtle distinction. They can both be interpreted as ‘must’ in translation, which suggests that they are interchangeable - and I’d say in many situations they are, but there’s actually a nuanced difference: rhaid describes a necessity, gorfod describes an obligation.


I actually learnt “goro”, the street version of gorfod before the proper word, and wrongly assumed that it was a Scouse loan word for “got to”. It still find that a handy way to remember it. :smiley: