Rhaglen Jonathan

They are looking for an audience for the Rhaglen Jonathan shows on S4C which will be focusing on the Autumn Series. The filming days are: Nov 3rd, Nov 11th, Nov 18th and Nov 25th.

It’s free to attend but you need to be there by 6:30pm at BBC Cymru in Llandaf, Caerdydd.

To book a place, send an email to rhys.davies@avantimedia.tv

Helo Rhys, fashwn dwi’n dod a rhaglen ‘Jonathan’ Tachwedd 25…I struggle to learn the language up here in Leeds. ‘Jonathan’ is just about the most enjoyable way of doing so…My verbal Cymraeg is passable, so I will not look lost…Diolch Stuart Stanton (Clwb Rygbi Glynebwy ‘Fan’)

Ooops, above should have gone to Rhys Davies! The sun is so bright outside at the moment I think it has skewered my brain

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