"Rewinding" the weekly emails after extended break?

Hi all,

Firstly, apologies if this is a duplicate topic or it’s in the wrong forum!

I’ve been doing the 6 minutes a day course and really enjoyed every challenge I did so far. I really feel the “SSi magic” of this method, and it’s lots of fun saying my Welsh sentences whenever I have downtime.

Unfortunately for personal reasons I’ve been really flaky with it in the past, but now I’m in a better place, I want to commit to doing it regularly. The only issue is the scheduled email is on week 40, but I’ve only done the course up to week 8!

I know it doesn’t really matter, and the course gives you tools to track your progress despite the emails. But it would be great to have the emails in-sync again.

Is there any way I could “rewind” the email schedule, so it’s back on week 8 of the course?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi @johnny-houston

Yes there is - if you ping an email to admin@saysomethingin.com saying just that they will sort it out for you.

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Many thanks, @rich ! I’ll get in touch with them :slight_smile: