Returner unable to download or hear any Challenges or anything on App

I’m a lapsed learner wanting to start back but (despite re-installing the App onto my Android phone) I can’t download anything; either any of the challenges from Level 1 or the Old Course - My phone says ‘Downloading lesson’ but nothing happens. I had heard you need to pay now to do the challenges/levels so wondered if that is why it won’t download but, if so, I can’t see anywhere on the App (or this website) to explain how I would go about doing that. The App doesn’t say I can’t download because I’ve not paid and nor does it link me to somewhere I can do so. So I’m not really sure what’s happening. I wouldn’t want to learn using the PC but even on this site it won’t play any of the challenges (and if I click on ‘download MP3’ my PC says ‘This site can’t provide a secure connection’ - so I’ve not continued).
Please can someone help?

Yes, there’s been a paywall now (whether on PC or App) since 2018, so you won’t be able to access the material without a subscription. The links on this post should help explain what’s now happening - Exciting new Welsh subscription packages available - initial limited offer only!

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Hi @Rich.B - I’ve just picked up and answered your email, so hopefully all is now clear. Diolch, Stine

Diolch Siaron and Justine

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