Retirement to? advice please

Hi fellow SSiW friends, i’d like some ideas/advice on locations to retire to please. I’m 61 moved to WsM in England 12 years ago for love of an English woman. Been single a whike now and my dream is to retire in 3-4 years time back to Wales. My impossible parameters are: a costal area, a rural area, a Welsh-speaking area and not too far from my family in Casnewydd, Gwent. My personal would be the North/Anglesey/Llanberis but obviously not exactly close to Casnewydd! Any thoughts/guidance/ideas will be gratefully apprecuated. Diolch o’r galon, Cris

I lived in Llandysul for 6 years and it would meet all of your requirements - a rural area, less than half an hour by car to the beautiful Ceredigion coast, a high percentage of Welsh speakers, plus once you get through Carmarthen and onto the M4, it’s a fairly quick drive to Caerdydd and on to Casnewydd. I used to do Llandysul to Caerdydd in around 2 hours.

Wow, i thought my parameters werent very realistic.
Thanks so much Deborah. I don’t know Llandysul at all but will check it out now. Maybe a little holiday early in the new year. Diolch o’r galon

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It’s also only an hour’s drive to Aberystwyth and a reasonable distance for exploring all of Pembrokeshire with the very Welsh-speaking northern part around Crymych. And half an hour to Carmarthen where you can get the train if you don’t want to drive further.

Sounds brilliant Deborah. Diolch yn fawr eto. I can definately see a long weekend’s exploration in the new year. If covid restrictions allow!

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