Research on migrants new speakers of Welsh in Caerdydd!

Dych chi’n dysgu neu wedi dysgu Cymraeg?

I’m doing research on the experience of migrant new speakers of Cymraeg who are based in Cardiff. Please see the following requirement information. Diolch yn fawr pawb!


Bore da/ Prynhawn da/ Noswaith da

Ka Long Tung dw i, myfyriwr sy’n astudio Dulliau Ymchwil y Gwyddorau Cymdeithasol (Cymdeithaseg) (MSc), Prifysgol Caerdydd. Dw i’n cynnal ymchwil ar brofiadau siaradwyr newydd y Gymraeg mudol a baswn i hoffi siarad â chi am eich taith. Rwyf hefyd yn siaradwr newydd y Gymraeg.

Mae’r ymchwil yn canolbwyntio ar bobl: sydd wedi dysgu neu ddysgu Cymraeg; sy’n oedolion; ni chawsant eu geni na’u magu yn y DU; a dim wedi dysgu Cymraeg trwy addysg orfodol. Os basach chi hoffi helpu’r prosiect, wnewch chi gysylltu â fi drwy

Cofion gorau

Ka Long

Good morning/ Good afternoon/ Good evening

I am Ka Long Tung, a student studying Social Science Research Methods (Sociology) (MSc), Cardiff University. I am conducting research on the experiences of migrant new speakers of Welsh and would like to speak to you about your journey. I am also a new speaker of Welsh.

The research focuses on people who: have learnt or are learning Welsh; are adults; were not born and raised in the UK; and have not learnt Welsh via compulsory education. If you’d like to help with the project, you can contact me through

Best wishes

Ka Long


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@CatrinLliarJones rhywbeth arall ar gyfer y cylchlythyr?

Shwmae. Tasai posib i chi sentio ebost i fi? Baswn i gallu rhennu y information sheet.

@KaLongTung os ti’n anfon y dudalen wybodaeth i wna i roi’r wybodaeth yma.
(If you send the information sheet to I’ll put the information here)

We also need research on whether people from Scotland and England learn Welsh when they move to Cymru/Wales as these are the large majority of in-migrants

I did ask Ka Long when we first received the email about this if it included migrants into Wales from other parts of the UK, but it’s only for migrants from outside the UK.

I agree that it would be an interesting study - to find out how much they even knew about the existence of Welsh before migrating, whether they started learning before arriving (as many of our enthusiastic SSiWers do!), how they’re learning, or whether they have no intention of learning and perhaps don’t feel it’s necessary in the part of Wales they’ve chosen to live in.

Why didn’t I think of that when I was going through possible PhD topics with my supervisor at Cardiff Uni? :upside_down_face:

Shwmae both

You’re right. However, this research focuses on migrants from outside the UK. That’s surely a potential to study in-migrants from other parts of the UK to Cymru in the future.Diolch!

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The UK government and the statistic companies it uses basically treat England and Wales as exactly the same thing. I found out this to my despair in attempting both environmental and macroeconomic statistical studies at university. Scotland however gets treated as different with a raft of custom done surveys. Wales lags a lot here

Yes, I’ve had frustrating tastes of that in research jobs in the past - no way of extracting the Wales stats from the overall “England & Wales” stats :frowning: