Reorganisation of courses (Flintshire)

Yesterday it was my last class on the Cwrs Meistrioli with Bangor University. As you may know that in the next academic year (2016-17) Welsh for adults will provided by Coleg Cambria. I have been doing the above course for 3 years and had one year left to complete it. Yesterday I discovered that Coleg Cambria has not included this level of course in the printed prospectus for the next academic year. I have a strong feeling that I shall not be able to complete the Cwrs Meistrioli and feel let down by the re-organision of Welsh language provision. I have contacted y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol today and informed them of this serioud omission by Coleg Cambria and was told that the matter would be addressed. I shall keep you informed of the outcome.

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Very sorry to hear this, Geoffrey - it’s the kind of problem that’s been made more of a risk by the choice of a new provider. I hope someone will be able to do something about it for you.

I have now heard from y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol who say that I shall be able to access Coleg Cambria’s website in a fortnight and that there will be a course available suitable to my level and that I should be able to complete Bangor University’s Cwrs Meistrioli - still have doubts as Bangor has been teaching the Cwrs Meistrioli for at least 20 years and is a very successful course - not sure at all how a different provider can take over the course of a long serving provider and deliver at the same level. Not happy how Y Ganolfan Dysgu Cymraeg Genedlaethol has ignored the views of existing learners and left us completely out of the loop, The Ganolfan should have let Bangor complete ongoing courses so that already committed learners could complete their courses with the provider they started with. I shall have to see what Coleg Cambria is offering and will keep you updating.

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No information yet in South West Wales about courses from September either.

Usually at the end of the academic year one has some idea of what is available in the next year, especially if you have committed yourself to the longer courses.

Rydw I wedi edrych ar wefan Cambria heddiw I weld a oes cwrs cyfartal I gwrs Meistrioli ar gael ond heb lwydiant ac mae’n amlwg nad oes dim byd ar gael ar unrhyw lefel yng Nhreffynnon bellach. Wrth gwrs rydw i’n gorfod cystyllu a Choleg Cambria I gadarnhau hyn. Rydw i’n siomedig dros ben am y sefyllfa ynglyn ag aildrefnu y darparieth dysgu cymraeg, ac dydw I ddim gwybod beth i’w wneud am barhau dysgu Cymraeg.

Mae’n ddrwg iawn gen i glywed hyn.