Remember Gwenllian from Tresaith Bŵtcamps?

If you’ve been to a bŵtcamp in Tresaith in the past, you will no doubt remember Cat and Iestyn’s young children and their delight at performing in the Noson Lawen.

Gwenllian, the older of the two girls, has made her TV acting debut in an S4C programme for children. If any of you would like to see her, it’s available through BBC iPlayer, and also on S4C/Clic international category.

The show’s called Fferm Fach and here’s the S4C/Clic link.


That’s brilliant! Llongyfarchiadau Gwenllian (and family!!) :star_struck::heart_eyes: Its always a pleasure when Iestyn’s family perform at the Noson Llawens - they’re a talented bunch!! :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing Deborah! :slight_smile:

Just watched Fferm Fach. Great performance Gwenllian! Looking forward to your next appearance on TV!

I don’t want to boast, but I’ve now had lovely cwtshes from two Welsh TV stars - Nia Parry and many years ago at bootcamp, Gwenllian ap Dafydd. :grinning::hugs:


I’ve been on S4 C once, and I’ve enjoyed the occasional cwtch with you, so do I count? :rofl:


Of course you do. It’s time we made it public.:rofl:



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