Regular Meetups in Tregaron, Ceredigion

Diolch to @mikebuzzard for this information on Meetups in Tregaron!

Here in Tregaron we have the Grwp CYD every Friday at 11am for an hour or so. We are Welsh learners but we have support from a lovely local lady for whom Welsh is her first language.

We have been meeting at Caffi Hafan (part of Rhiannon’s), but the cafe will close on 17th September so we will have our last meetup at Caffi Hafan on Friday 16th, then we’ll be meeting at Y Talbot, the main pub opposite Rhiannon’s. Same day - Friday, same time - 11 am. Just come along and join us! No need to book.

Also, on the 1st Thursday evening of each month, at 7:30pm, we have Cinio Cymraeg at Y Talbot. This is where we learners have dinner and a chat with at least one fluent Welsh speaker, usually Rhiannon, the owner of Rhiannon’s. We need to book a table so we need to know the number of people who will come. So please let me (@mikebuzzard ) know if you’re interested or if there are any questions.

Looking forward to meeting new people!

EDIT: information above updated with the latest from Mike.

Just to say that I have now take over the running of the Cinio Cymraeg from Mike. Everyone is welcome whatever their level. There will not be a supper in January because The Talbot is closed for the first two weeks of January, so the first Cinio Cymraeg in the new year will be on the 2nd February at the usual time of 7.30. It helps the hotel to know numbers so if you are planning on coming please drop me a line (@brynhp )