Red to Green to Blue

Hello Dee, Aran, anyone
What am I doing wrong? I’ve submitted my question but remain a rather shocking red.
Shouldn’t I now be a healthy green so that I can respond to someone else’s question and become a handsome Blue

I’ve added the post URL of your question to the “going from red to green” thread - it should be picked up there by those with the colour-changing powers :slight_smile: (individual questions can often slip down the thread list too fast to be picked up by the admins, so a back-up post to the “going from…” threads helps give them a nudge :wink: )

Once you’re ‘green’ and you post a reply to any of the questions others have posted, copy the URL of that topic and paste it into a reply on the “going from green to blue” thread :slight_smile:

Siaron, this is harder than the $&!%£! Welsh: …Wah
Dal ati, I suppose

Yes, it can get a bit confusing - I think the forum can be like a first day at “big school” when you turn up and it’s a huge building and you don’t know which room you’re supposed to be in or where you need to be next but everyone around you seems to know the place inside out! :joy:

But just like that scenario, you’ll get to know you’re way around the more you explore, and there are always people ready to help point you in the right direction when you ask - and remember, you’re not the only one feeling the same thing, but you are doing fine :smiley: