Recommending friends to SSI courses (referral rewards?)

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I’ve been preaching the word about SSI Spanish course, I’m not even halfway through Level 1 but already people want to know my secret (= you guys)! Met a Spanish friend today who’d like to improve his English, and I’m sure a few other UK natives wanting a bit of Spanish action!

Is there any sort of referral system here? A link generation perhaps where paying users here could recommend their friends sign up, and on a friend creating an account using that specific link, some sort of reward granted to the paying user by a voucher etc?

Just a bit of incentive to spread the word (o, la parabla :blush:)


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We played around with some referral set-ups a while back - I think if you click on your name in the top right hand corner (when you’re in the lessons, rather than the forum) and then ‘Your payments’ you get the option to send 10 sessions’ worth of vouchers to a friend - at one point, that also gave you extra access, but I’m not sure if it does now - unfortunately, we had a few people sending vouchers to their own spare email addresses and setting up new accounts in order to get extra access for the first account - we haven’t thought of a good way around that (it was a bit of a disappointing experience, to be honest).

But… now that we’re field testing our new course creation tool, one of the things that is going to happen in the next couple of months is a serious overhaul of our entire user experience - and as part of that I’ll be looking very closely at the whole referral situation again, to see if we can find a better way of making it work for everyone… :sunny:

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This bites! (but one must admit a fairly clever way to beat the system :sweat: )

I wonder if the reward only came once the referred friend spent money, if that could solve the issue? Thinking out loud here… and publicly, I realise, so if my logic is off tell me nicely!

So instead of paying for a friend to sign up in order to gain more access (which is a nice idea, but easily abusable as you mentioned) rather, on sending a free referral link, the friend not only needs to sign up (the first lessons are free via facebook I think?), but actually pay for the course. And the original user only gets either an equal amount of access that the friend has paid for, or less. That way, it doesn’t benefit anybody to refer themselves with a spare email address - they don’t gain anything they wouldn’t already get if they paid themselves, apart from extra hassle.

^Unsure all this makes as much sense out loud as it does in my head, which fittingly is a description of my general experience with Español thus far :sweat_smile:

For now, i’ll just keep sharing the site as it is, it’s still brilliant and my request for commission is pretty greedy haha! Look forward to seeing how things develop here in the future.

Gracias de nuevo,

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I think that’s a good idea - a bit trickier in terms of the coding involved, but definite potential there… :sunny: