Recent S4C programs

  1. Evan Jones a’r Cherokee
    I was shocked. I had heard that the Cherokee agreed to move out of their territory. I never knew that a tiny minority agreed, but the vast majority, being settled farmers with well built, well furnished houses, did not want to move. They were forcibly dragged with nothing but what they stood up in. They then got shunted westwards twice, thousands died, It was mainly British immigrants who did all this! A telling point came when the Baptist Church told Evan Jones he must not teach in Cherokee, but must make them learn English!! Maybe he remembered the attitude to Cymraeg???
  2. Ysbyty Cyw Bach
    This seems a brilliant way of showing small children that hospital isn’t that scary a place!
  3. Dibendraw
    Lovely introduction to some newish scientific studies!

There’s a new series of y Stiwdio Gefn, too. The latest edition (2nd in the series) had a couple of top, top tunes from Alun Gaffey.


Mae ddrwg gen i pawb, I am not musical (shock horror!) and rarely listen to music, so any programs on the subject pass me by! In any quiz, I am totally clueless on any Group since The Beetles and the only ‘performer’ I have ever collected is Max Boyce!!

Cysgod Chernobyl. The program about this took me right back. I was at, of all things, a Star Trek convention, when it happened, but back at work, became very aware. I was in close touch with friends at NRPB (National Radiological Protection Board) at the time and heard news as it came.
First shock, the world found out, not from USSR but from Sweden. They had a nuclear power station whose staff had a nasty fright when their monitors started detecting radiation/radioactive material. After a panic when checks made it clear their station was in perfect working order, they realised the stuff was coming in on the wind from the south east.
I will not go through all that happened, but the Poles were so furious that they had been kept in the dark and kids had been drinking contaminated milk, that they published all their data. It was the first real crack in the Iron Curtain!
My friends at NRPB were at ports/airports monitoring travellers from the east. A group who had been in Kiev had most of their possessions and some of the clothes they were wearing removed for decontamination. Our reaction, “What about the poor folk living in Kiev?”
Next shock : details of “accident” which wasn’t so much that as use of power reactor for experiments!
Then much later, we found that kids were suffering in Ukraine from thyroid cancer! That should never, ever have happened. As soon as any release is even suspected, all effected people should be given non-radioactive iodide or iodate salts. The thyroid is ‘blocked’ i.e. filled with so much that the radioactive stuff can’t get in. The police hold it in UK and have standing orders about distribution in the event of an incident. Clearly, by the time any was issued in Ukraine, if any was issued, it was too late and the thyroids were already radioactive!
The program was worth watching but too sad to be easy viewing.