Receiving Spanish forum updates by email

I am not sure how to request the Spanish forum summary to my email address. I have checked the weekly
option in my preference, but I am receiving the Welch updates instead. Please guide me on how to select the Spanish forum updates. (Wales is beautiful, would love to return, maybe learning Welch is in my future!)

Thanks so much,

Hi Joan

if you scroll down a little in preferences there’s a section called Categories with a heading that says “Muted”. If you enter any categories you’re not interested in here

You will not be notified of anything about new topics in these categories, and they will not appear in latest.

From that I’m going to assume that means they won’t appear in the weekly email either.

Give that a try and let us know how you get on!



I wasn’t aware that the forum did a weekly summary - but I would expect it to include everything as a default (which would mean all the languages, since they’re all actually sub-forums) - so I think James has the right solution here, which is to try muting the Welsh one… :slight_smile:

I’d be very interested to hear if that works for you!

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It only gets sent out if you don’t actually visit the forum

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Thanks so much for the reply James, I will give that a try!

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