Really struggling

Hi, trying very hard, but it just goes so quickly on the lessons, I think I’ve remembered something, the lesson moves into new words, comes back and I’ve forgotten what I was trying to learn just a few minutes ago.

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It’s totally ok and normal. It’s just your brain adapting to a different way of learning, a way most of us aren’t used to. It takes time for your brain to process things, and even though you think you’ve forgotten what you’ve just said, it’s just that processing taking place. Stick with it and go with the flow - things will suddenly pop into your head like magic when you least expect them to. I promise!

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I’m not going to give up, just feel like I’m on lesson 3, already behind and don’t seem to be able to remember anything!!! Going backwards. For someone with 2 degrees and a master’s I’m finding it just won’t go in

How competent at each level do I need to be before I move on?

Just move on to the next one if a particular one is a struggle, I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule for time on each one.
Stick with it mate, you’ve obviously got it in you to retain information you just need to find out what’s best for you
Good luck

It’s really tempting to go repeat each session until you’re ‘perfect’, but that’s not likely to be very helpful. Suppose you give each session one run through, or two if you must, up until session 5. Then go back to the first session and be amazed at how well you have done, and how effective spaced repetition really is. If you choose to repeat it’s better to go 1,2,3,4,5 and repeat 1,2,3,4,5 than repeat the same session over and over. Pob lwc.

Both Ian’s and Margaret’s answers are spot on. You don’t need to be nailing every challenge every time. It’s not how we’re used to learning and it will feel counter-intuitive (particularly for academics!), but it doesn’t mean you’re not making progress - you absolutely are. :slight_smile:

When I used to buy a new cd I would play it a few times in the car then leave it for a day or two thinking it’s not very good, I’d put it on a couple of days later and find myself singing or humming along to it.
I didn’t realize it was being memorised until I went back to it, the brain is a funny thing,. You don’t realize what’s stuck until you do something else and go back later

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I sympathise. In fact I had such problems with SSiW that it took me three attempts over a period of a few years to get the method to work for me. However, though I started SSiW with a lot of Welsh under my belt and still found it very hard, I’m now using the Say Something in Spanish course very successfully. It’s possible that, like me, you have a poor short-term memory. Because people often have the same problem, I did a video about how I use the challenges and got the method to work. Here’s the link…

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Paid becso - don’t worry! I started using SSiW in July 2018. I finished level 1 and 2 never really got aground to level 3. But can get by in Welsh now after using it everyday on Twitter, in supermarkets, in my head etc.

Somebody I know wants to learn. I have just sat through lesson 1 of level 1 and still mixed the words up.

It will come, trust the process. If you could score yourself 7 out of 10 in a lesson, I’d move on.

Dal ati - keep at it.