Really annoyed with myself over a missed opportunity!

Yesterday I was at Cardiff University for a meeting with one of the administration staff in the languages department over my step daughter’s university course. Once into the building it transpired she didn’t know where the office was, and as we walked through the corridors looking for it, I overheard two people standing in a doorway speaking Welsh, but because my stepdaughter and her mother had moved ahead of me and around the corner and I didn’t want to be left behind I passed over the chance to stop and ask:

“Esgusodwch fi. Ble mae’r swyddfa Sian Lewis?”

Such a simple question!! All words I know, and (having found out later where the office was) an answer that I almost certainly would have understood (up the stairs, second office on the left) And I’m so annoyed I let the other two walking off prevent me from stopping and asking it :frowning:

So few opportunities to practice, and on a trip to Cardiff where I actually do more than drive there, pick up child and drive back, I blow it!



Ah well, but at least now you’ll be eager to pounce on the next opportunity!


The trouble is, they’re few and far between.

Shouldn’t be a prob tbh. I found that my missed opportunities have helped me in the long run by making me more brave thsn I would have been.


how often are you down in Cardiff mate? Let me know next time and we can go for a pint/coffee and speak some welsh :slight_smile: or if it’s over a lunch time, between 12 and 2 there are usually chat groups to be found most days.

That’s very kind of you. Unfortunately my trips to Cardiff are usually flying visits after work to either drop off or collect my stepdaughter from university. I barely get out of the car! The last visit (the one I described above) was a really nice change as we got to spend a bit of time out in Cardiff and even grab a spot of lunch. Sadly I ususually barely get out of the car :frowning:

This all reminds me of the occassion where there were quite a group of (I think so) Welsh speaking women in the bus I’m usually comuting home with but I’ve missed that opportunity to say some Welsh words with them also due to my fear I might be wrong or I wouldn’t understand what they’re saying. I was in very early stage of learning that time though. They would surely be happy to do a bit of conversation as they were madly laughing about some thing happening to them. From that time on I never ever have heard a Welsh word anywhere in our country counting out the time when @margaretnock, @brigitte and @PhilgJones have visited me.

The good thing is that comming to Cardiff so often if even just sitting in the car would surely give you another chance to use your Welsh while me here in Slovenia have practically zero chance to have that opportunity again. So, next time you’ll be prepared for sure. :slight_smile:

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