Real world phrases

So. Last Easter on annual trip to around Dolgellau I tried a tiny bit of welsh and got a confidence boost. This years trip I want to do more, but would like to confirm if something is used.

In English “good evening “ can be used as a form of hello (eg at a restaurant). Does that apply in Welsh? What else could one say , or is it always just helo?

Secondly, at cafe (Caffi alys for example) when walking up to counter to say “I want/ would like to have / could I get” what would be a common way to start before listing coffi etc?


Noswaith dda = Good evening
S’mae (North) or Shwmae (South) = Hi/How’s it going? informal.

In a café (polite informal), “Can/May I have a coffee/tea please” would be “Gai goffi/de plis?”

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Might I inquire as to whether it is still common/ok to say “os gwelwch yn dda” rather than “plis”?

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yes, “os gwelwch yn dda” is still fine - and my tip (to sound as natural as possible) would be to try and say it all as one word and omit the ‘o’ - it’ll come out as something like “sgwelychyndda”, but sounds so much more native than four separate words. :wink:


Fab. Knew direct translation, wasn’t sure if it could be used in the same way!


Yes, brilliant idea for you to ask, like this. I find it really helpful to be able copy what other speakers say.

On the other hand, I’ve just been to Ty Tawe for a coffee this morning, and the manager mentioned informally that there is no “fluent” as far as he is concerned. He said that he is so happy when someone new like me just comes out with “Bore da” (good Morning), or something. Even if it isn’t spot-on - just as long as they are giving it a go.