Reaching the end of course three

I’m not there yet but I’m getting close. I will definitely be finished by July bootcamp. Yay!

Anyway, when we were discussing the learning possibilities after course three back on the old forum…which I can no longer seem to find, Aran mentioned something about learning 4000 words. I wondered, where would someone get hold of such a list? I’d like to build my vocabulary slowly. :slight_smile:

Superb work, llongyfarchiadau mawr!

For a mix your own approach, you could try the British National Corpus:

I also think it’ll be worthwhile for you to go through the new Level 1 (more sessions coming out soon!)…:slight_smile:

keeping in mind that 4000 words covers a LOT of language I think most not-too-specialised words you can think of are going to be part of that list :slight_smile:

Do you find you learn well from lists? Some people do. I find that I am better off tripping over words in use (in a song/article/book) and looking them up then.

Yes, I’ll do that. I’ve tried the first lesson and liked it. I was waiting for the southern course.

My aim is to learn a LOT language. :slight_smile:

I’ve found using Memrise with some of the vocab lists that have been created for traditional courses (sylfaen etc) has been really good for increasing my vocabulary, but not much of it sticks unless I encounter the words in another context (reading / listening / watching) so I do a lot of that too.

I find (short) lists helpful. I make flashcard lists on my phone out of interesting words people use at the Bridgend meetups that I think I’ll have cause to use, and then try to remember them (and use them) to expand my vocabulary.

I know it’s very much against the SSIW way, but having worked through a lesson, I’d find it really useful to then flashcard the new words/structures - I started work on this, but there’s such a lot of words to get through I gave up.

Helo Elizabeth. Maybe this will help: Six Thousand Welsh Words. It’s on my to-buy list. I know that I’ve increased the workload by 50%, but I couldn’t find a book called ‘Four Thousand Welsh Words’! What I like about this book is that although it is essentially one huge list, it separates everything according to subject, thus providing context.
From the blurb:

‘Six Thousand Welsh Words’ is the first book of its type that provides a comprehensive vocabulary of modern Welsh. It will appeal to both Welsh learners and speakers alike, and covers the whole spectrum of modern life. It includes many idiomatic, domestic and slang forms, and also offers guidance to the different usages in North and South Wales. By bridging the gap between basic word lists and the standard dictionaries, ‘Six Thousand Welsh Words’ will be and invaluable aid to all those who wish to improve their vocabulary and enhance their knowledge of the Welsh language.

Oh, that could be interesting. Thanks Jon :slight_smile:

The route I’m currently trying is children’s books which I found very useful at bootcamp.

They have simple vocab, picture clues and entertain.
Although some of them had quite dark themes! Nothing like death and scary monsters to read a child to sleep.

I’m haven’t finished Course 2 yet - but after Northern bootcamp I felt I needed to consolidate existing and learn some new vocab, so I’ve started on the Course 2 vocab units. I find these helpful because they have a theme. I’m thinking of creating some short lists of themed words that I will use in the future. Long lists of words don’t work for me - I need to speak them, and write them down in a context to really learn them.

As for children’s books, Ian - dark themes are very common in nursery rhymes too.

How’s using Welsh at home going, Anne? Have you tried the five minute thing? :slight_smile:

Am I dim? The “British” National Corpus seems to deal only with English, is my understanding correct?

I don’t mind using flash cards. I find the process of creating them with pictures fixes the words in my mind. I just want to have something habitual to replace the lessons (sob!). I will look into the 6,000 words book. You are right Tahl, reading, writing and using Welsh are the best way to learn but…here at the end of the world…

Oh, my, just realised how much it costs!

Used copies seem to be available for £12 or so, though…

On Amazon? My search had the cheapest used copy at £35 - which is over $50.00.

Michel Thomas reconed that most languages were based around 500 common words and that if you looked at newspapers, the different word counts are often less than this … I type- 100 most common words in welsh into - google then download and learn that list as a kind of short cut

Searching for 100 Welsh words, I found and I was relieved by how many I realised were covered by the SSiW lessons I’ve already done. I don’t know how many words/structures are covered by the courses - does anyone have such stats to hand? I’d be interested.

Searching for 100 Welsh words, I found and I was relieved by how many I realised were covered by the SSiW lessons I’ve already done.

Woah, I knew all of them. Extrapolating from this, I must know infinity Welsh words!