Raw material

Hi there! i am new here and i have been looking into best way for learning, listening the radio Cymru as i type :laughing: and came across the tick list which looks fab but could someone please explain to me about the “Raw Material” is that what we are learning through the one sentence a day??

I’ll tag @aran and @Deborah-SSi for you - they’re best placed to answer that I think.

The ‘Raw Materials List’ comes from this set of suggestions for becoming ‘fluent’. It could be a little early if you’re still just on the 1 Sentence taster course, but definitely something to aim for moving forward: SaySomethingIn - Becoming Fluent…


Please can you tell me if there is a vocabulary list of all the vocabulary from the challenges. I think I have seen one but can’t find it now. Thanks.

You should find this thread helpful -


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Thankyou very much :grinning: