Raw material list?

I was having a look at the FAQ and noticed this:
Building a Raw Material List is a bit like hard work – but every single course has
the problem that you learn the chapters as if you were learning a song – even
the SaySomethingInWelsh course. Which is why we’re very excited about having
solved this common problem – you can see our answer at:

But it’s a broken link. :worried:

Can the answer still be revealed? :smiley:

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I wonder if some of those raw materials have been put to good use in the 6mws, 2 year and deep-end offerings of SSiW…

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I’m afraid the link is not working


hi was this issue every resolved? i can find it anywhere? thanks

I’ll tag @Kinetic - he might be able to explain or sort out a broken link.

Edit - Ah - having delved a bit deeper with the search function, I can see here that Aran says “that’s an old, old reference to our listening exercises - and we’ve moved on to a new approach to listening exercises since then” so that paragraph about Building a raw Material List is now obsolete. That’s why the link doesn’t work - it’s no longer there.