Ras Yr Wyddfa 2023

I’ve been extremely busy lately, and over this weekend especially, because the highlights programme of Ras Rhwngwladol Yr Wyddfa 2023 (held yesterday) will be on S4C tonight at 9pm (and thereafter on S4C/clic & iPlayer) - a great opportunity to hear lots of different Welsh dialects (albeit sometimes very breathless ones!).


Watching now.
Da iawn i ti, Siaron
Swydd dda.

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We love Ras yr Wyddfa in this house - I think it is the most bonkers thing to do, to run up a mountain and then more or less throw yourself down! My brother in law and his brother often take part, and the coverage is always great - fantastic footage and wonderful to have the spotlight on all sorts of different people taking part (not just the incredible athletes who take the top spots). Will try to catch up with it tonight.

Hope you had your best waterproofs on, @siaronjames - looked like a bit of a wet one!!

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It was torrential where I was on the field in Llanberis and worse up the mountain! I have a set of decent waterproofs but I could only find the trousers - I looked everywhere in the house and couldn’t find the jacket so had to make do with a thinner one. Last night when my head hit the pillow (after working 16.5 hours on Saturday and 7.5 yesterday) I suddenly remembered where I’d put it, and when I checked this morning, yup, there it was :woman_facepalming: :rofl:


Siaron, I am getting really frustrated. After a few months, I sought advice and tried to follow the instructions but I really can’t work out how to post on this forum. I thought I’d managed it just now but the long message was lost. Would you mind helping, please? It is by no means obvious. Diolch yn fawr, Rachel.

Hi @rachel-64 , What is it you want to do?

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