Random words

Whilst listening to podcasts I have come across a few words in Welsh that I don’t know their meanings. As I don’t know how they are spelt I cannot look them up. below I have written them phonetically and ask if anyone can translate.
Sickyair…Annhugoil…Booncath… Nevis… Treceeri…
It sounds like the back 4 of a premiership football team but any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Some context would make them easier to recognise, but certainly “annhugoil” is anhygoel (= amazing) and “booncath” is bwncath (= buzzard) and “Treceeri” is probably Tre’r Ceiri (a hillfort on the Llŷn peninsula)

Thanks Siaron, 3 out of 5 is not bad.
I thought sickyair was something to do with rugby/sport. I have no context for Nevin.
Once again, thanks for your help.

Well nefin (your first post said ‘nevis’) could be Nefyn which is a village on the Llŷn peninsula.
sickyair has eluded me for the moment - is it pronounced sick-yair or sicky-air?

Yes it was nevin. The spell check is a pain sometimes.
The other one sounded like sicky - air.

Hmm. Difficult to guess. Could possibly be sicr (= sure/certain)?

Do you have a link and the time-codes that we could check?

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Could it perhaps be sicrhau (pronounced ‘sicker-high’) (=ensure, assure, secure)?

Thanks Siaron & John.
It’s not too important but it does appear to be Sicrhau - ensure.

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