Random SSiW Meet-ups - who have you bumped in to?

I love hearing stories about random unexpected meet-ups between SSiW learners across the world. We’ve heard many of them over the years and they’ve always filled me with joy. I would love to hear from you if you’ve ever randomly bumped in to another SSiWer whilst out and about? Or even travelled abroad and been able to meet one of our international learners?

Today, my parents had to travel from Pen Llyn to Wrecsam to the funeral of an old friend, but arrived much earlier than they needed to, so decided to go for a light lunch. It just so happened, as they sat down in their cafe of choice, Mr Geraint Scourfield, his wife Tracey and the famous beard walked in. My parents of course recognised @gruntius straight away, but needed to call me to double check that they remembered his name - the phone conversation that ensued was very interesting, as the cafe was noisy and my mother has compromised hearing! So If my mother called you anything but Geraint, I apologise… I did try my best… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I suspect this thread is just going to become a list of where people have seen the beard… :wink:

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So, we’d just dropped our new car off for an MOT and decided to pop for a quick drink (hot chocolate and a water) and a snack while we waited. After ordering I was on my way back to the table when I spotted this little, grey haired lady waving at me from another table. I recognised her but, you know when you see someone out of context, didn’t immediately place her till I noticed her husband. What the heck are Catrin’s parents doing in Rhostyllen? We went for a quick chat then was ordered away to our table so our food and drinks didn’t get cold (my water already was). After finishing I went across and invited them over to join us, after all we were all going to be hanging around for an hour. @CatrinLliarJones It was lovely to hear your parents talking about you and your siblings and about all the minis your dad has owned. So the hour we had to waste turned into well over an hour not wasted at all.


In June 2015, whilst on holiday in Australia, I visited the Welsh lessons in Melbourne where @elizabeth_jane teaches. It was a fantastic experience to meet such an enthusiastic group of learners and join them for dinner afterwards. I have to admit that I don’t think I was as helpful as I could have been during the lesson because I was distracted chatting to a first language speak with whom I had friends in common! Am fyd bach! :slight_smile:


Do I have to pay you hush money now? :joy: Diolch for being so kind to them. X


It is indeed @S_J. What a wonderful story and one that reinforces our belief that SSiW has become like one big family. :smile:


There were a few tasty secrets shared. :wink:


We were in Cardiff Bay one fine August evening in 2012, having been attending the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol Bro Morgannwg. We were in a restaurant in the bay having dinner with Iestyn and Cat when a learner we hadn’t met before, either in person or on the forum, approached us and asked us if we were who he thought we were. He recognised our voices from the lessons!


Not a random SSiW meet up but a random Welsh learners one. Alison (who I chat with on Skype) and I met for the first time in London. We went to a small museum/gallery and walked around chatting in Welsh. One of the guides came up and joined in. He’d learned Welsh at Uni in Wales (from memory) and was super keen to have a sgwrs. They had to ask us to leave in the end because they were closing.


You weren’t unhelpful at all!


Indirect meet-up. About two years ago, my wife Wendy and I were staying at a farm B&B near Machynlleth, lovely place. While talking with the lady of the farm, a member of Merched Y Wawr, she mentioned that a certain Elizabeth from Australia was spending time in Machynlleth, did we happen to know her. Guess who, @elizabeth_jane


Merched y Wawr ladies are amazing. Last time I was in Mach one of the ladies, Delyth, told me she’d been on a bus tour of the Glyn Dwr sites with Gruffudd Aled Williams (an academic). He told the whole tour group that a women in Melbourne was writing a novel from the point-of-view of Owain Glyn Dwr’s wife. Delyth said, oh, I think I know who that might be.:flushed:


I met @Kinetic at the Polyglot Gathering in Bratislava last summer (I think it was) – though I think I spoke more Esperanto to him than Welsh!

I also had the chance to show @margaretnock a bit of Hamburg as she was travelling through Europe.


If I added all the SSIWers I’d met abroad it would be five, @philipnewton, but I can hardly say they were random, unexpected meetings. Nevertheless they were all enjoyable.