Raising Money For The Eisteddfod

There is a meeting in one of the local chapels on Monday for people to put forward their ideas on how to raise money for the upcoming Eisteddfod Llanrwst next year
I’m not sure how well attended the meeting will be but I would like to go and show my support and put forward a couple of ideas but apart from something like a sponsored walk up Snowdon I am struggling to think of anything else.
Has anyone else had any experience of raising money for the Eisteddfod when it came to their county ? Or if anyone has any wierd and wonderful ideas that I could pinch then that would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance , Sam

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How about a cycle ride and walk challenge - Wales End-to-end (most nothern tip to most southern point) but climb Yr Wyddfa and Pen-y -Fan on the way?

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Hehe that would certainly get me very fit and healthy :joy: . To be honest , if I had the time and no other commitments , that is something I would genuinely love to do !

We’ve just spent two years raining money for Eisteddfod yr Urdd Brycheiniog a Maesyfed 2018.

Our most successful events combined fund raising with cultural entertainment. Concerts are an obvious one, but a twmpath is a great way to get people meeting each other and can create networks that go on to hold more events and raise more money. Our biggest money-raiser (for the local committee I was on, anyway) was a 24hour music marathon with dozens of sponsored performances culminating in an energetic mini-twmpath.


Sorry that this is a bit out of date, but my friend arranged fund raising events for the Llanelli Eisteddfod. Mainly concerts in chapels. They were all sell outs. Very well supported. Upcoming stars are usually keen to help as it also gets them known. In his case it was Sian Cothi who became famous inbetween booking and appearing.


Thanks for your input @robbruce @JohnYoung I think that some sort of cultural entertainment / concert would be a great idea. There is one being held in Ysgol y Creuddyn in a couple of weeks to raise funds for the Eisteddfod. I will put that idea forward on Monday and see how much support it gets. Hopefully the meeting will be well attended


Those of us living here in Ceredigion will be watching this thread with interest, now that we know we will be hosting the Eisteddfod Genedlaethol in 2020!


I bet everyone is really looking forward to it coming there. I was surprised to read that it hasn’t been held in Ceredigion since 1992 !

The problem seemed to be finding a suitable piece of flat land somewhere, but apparently it’s going to be near Tregaron. I’m looking forward to it already!


Yes, I like Tregaron. Nice place.

Also, wasn’t there one on Llandovery or somewhere in that area in the 2000’s? Almost Ceredigion.

Also there’s a nice flat field opposite the Co-op in Lampeter. The one with the pill box on it. I dont know how wet it would be though.