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Currently working through the L1 app, level 13, enjoying it immensely, listening to radio Cymru frequently, amazingly I can understand quite a few words, this was unthinkable a few weeks ago, however, the question I have is, is the radio station North or South? I have a book (Hugo Welsh in three months) I don’t really use it to avoid confusion, this is based on South Walian and there does appear to be quite a difference? Is it possible to understand both dialects? Also is Aberystwyth mainly North or South speaking? Many thanks for this fantastic course and forum, Shane


Radio Cymru has studios in both the North and the South (and I think there’s still one in Aberystwyth too), and has a mixture of North and South presenters, so whether you hear N or S depends a bit on when you tune in and who’s presenting.
It’s absolutely possible to understand both dialects - there’s not as much difference as some people tend to imagine and it’s just a question of becoming familiar with a few alternative words and phrases.
Aberystwyth is both N and S speaking - possibly slightly more South perhaps, but there’s not much in it. As it’s a university town and also home to the National Library, there are staff and students from all over Wales so you’ll hear a mix of both N and S.


Thank you for your reply Siaron, it would appear in overthinking it, will crack on regardless then, I’m based near Llanidloes and learning Northern dialect, in future hoping to somehow throw myself into it in Mach or Aber, just wondered which dialect most appropriate, you have answered my query though, back to radio Cymru, loving it! :smiley:


Welcome to the forum, Shane, and good luck with the rest of the course! :slight_smile:

Hi @shane-1! I’m not far from Llanidloes, and also go to Machynlleth often for Welsh language events, so if you want some practice, either a quiet one-to-one over coffee to get started, or in at the deep end in a group setting, please message me. There’s also a group that meets regularly in Llanidloes now and arranges chats, music events, and even the odd film night.

(Just for info, Machynlleth is a bit more ‘north-ish’ than Aberystwyth, but you’ll get used to both. I did the Southern course, but have picked up all sorts of expressions that are considered ‘Northern’ now, and use them interchangeably. As Siaron says, apart from a few words and phrases there really isn’t a whole world of difference. People don’t live in a bubble, and Mid Wales can have slightly different dialects from town to town, yet people still manage to talk to each other with no problem. While it might sometimes confuse learners, Welsh speakers will understand you if you use either of the forms, or even if you mix them together - they’re really good at this language lark!)

Welcome to the forum!


Hi @Isata, many thanks for your reply and useful information, it would be great to catch up for some practice and advice, could maybe get something organised in the new year, in the meantime will continue ploughing through this level, it is warming up nicely now, the structure of the lessons are brilliant and such a friendly helpful forum, look forward to progressing, best wishes, Shane


Many thanks Aran :smiley:

Indeed there is, on the university complex. I was there last week :smiley:

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