Radio Cymru this morning Monday 20/5

On the news this morning they mentioned Say Something in Welsh but unfortunately I didn’t understand enough. Did anyone else hear it and could explain?


Explained here: What are the problems? What needs to happen differently?
(I haven’t heard it yet, myself.)

ah that makes sense. I understood the word for tax because I learnt it from the road tax form that came but not much else.

Yeah, all just me having a bit of a bellyache, really… :wink: Good old Twitter! :smiley:

Ah that’s what it was. I didn’t hear it properly as I was just arriving at work and parking.

@aran but the Learn Welsh courses run by the universities don’t charge VAT on their courses do they?

Possibly 'not for profit" :grin:

Universities are exempt (as well as being subsidised), as are non-profits, as are English courses whoever’s running them…

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It would be useful to have outcome data to be able to show the government/assembly. Do the universities have to provide any? So you might want to know how many people complete each level and move on to the next, or how many who have done the course are functional welsh speakers etc. and compare the SSIW learners to the learn welsh outcomes. I suspect that the results for Learn Welsh courses are poor in terms of outcomes. In my experience with the NHS you have to be able to show outcomes and so you can prove that you are more cost effective than another provider. I wonder what data the Universities collect for their subsidies?

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Good points! What is even more striking is also the utter waste of time and money spent in schools leatning foreign languages, let’s politely say, the traditional way, versus the SSIW method. How much time and money could be saved with a long-overdue overhaul, and a revamp along the SSIW lines…


At risk of going off on a tangent - I saw this thread and another story today about a reward for deciphering an 18th century stone inscription in Brittany.

I wondered if we could put our heads together and actually decipher it between us and put the €2000 in the SSIW fund and also raise the profile of SSIW around the world. This was a story that’s gone around the world this month on most of the big news outlets.

I can’t paste a link to the story now, but it was in Plougastell-Daoulaz (looks like Dowlais to me) if anyone wants to Google it.

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Plwyf-y-gastell Dulais? (just guessing)


Hadn’t thought of plwyf - definitely works. Daoulaz is Dowlais is Dawlish is Dulais or a dirty black stream. Here’s one link to the story on the BBC, but there are loads of versions.

I’d like to see more of it (but can’t find anything) to see for myself if there is any chance of deciphering it - I like puzzles and it’s at least written in the Latin alphabet, so you might not need to be an egyptilogist to crack it.

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