Radio Cymru 2 visiting Machynlleth 29/1

Dydd Mawrth, Ionawr 29ain , bydd Daf a Caryl yn Caffi Alys Machynlleth @14:00.

RADIO CYMRU 2 is celebrating a year of being on the air and two celebrities from the Welsh scene are coming to Machynlleth next Tuesday to celebrate with us AND BRINGING CAKE !!

You can google Caryl : she’s a well know pop artist in Wales and is also a very funny comedian !

Daf Du has also had an attempt at fame!

You are all welcome there.


Is that where @BronwenLewis lives? (or is that one spelled differently)? :slight_smile:

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Yes, we have a few SSiWers living in that area :slight_smile:

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For more dates and locations look at

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Bechod. It’s snowing very heavily here this morning and my wife who works in Mach is leaving early. Such a shame I would love to have gone. I hope some Mach dwellers and 4WD get there this afternoon to enjoy this x