Am I correct to say the following:

QUITE WELL - eitha dda

THE WEATHER TODAY IS QUITE NICE - Maen tywydd heddi yn eitha braf

I’LL BE GOING THERE QUITE SOON - Dwi’n mynd i yno yn eitha mewn amser byr

The first and second example work, but not the last one. mewn amser byr means in a short (amount or period of) time, but soon is better translated as yn fuan. So your last sentence would be
Dw i’n mynd yno yn eitha fuan. - I’m going there quite soon.
If you wanted to say “in quite a short amount of time”, you’d get mewn amser eitha byr, because “eitha” is a modifier that goes before the adjective it modifies.
Dw i wedi dysgu llawer o Gymraeg mewn amser eitha byr. - I have learned a lot of Welsh in quite a short time.

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That’s great! Diolch yn fawr iawn Hendrik. Y cymorth iawn bob amser!