Quick question on ‘that is all’

How do you say ‘that is all all’ or ‘nothing else’ in a purchasing context- I have been using mae hyna yn gwych diolch, which seems fine- and there are loads of equivalents of
course- dw i’n iawn diolch etc, but is there a colloquial term- in spanish they use ya esta, for example? Is there a non obvious or slangy phrase to use. Does dim byd eraill work? Sorry if this has been asked before.


“Dim byd arall” or “Dim arall” would work. Closer to the mark of “That’s all” would be “Dyna i gyd.”


I think I might have heard ‘Dyna i gyd’, or ‘Na i gyd’ as ‘that’s all’.
I’d be interested to hear if there’s an idiomatic expression for it too. :slight_smile:


Depends a bit on the question - if it’s a variant of ‘unrhyw beth arall?’ you’d be fine with

na, dim diolch
na, dyna i gyd, diolch
na, dyna’r cwbl, diolch
na, wneith hynna