Quick Question: Morgan Bible Still in Print?


Is the Morgan Bible still available in printed book form? I can find the audio and digitized/online formats. However, I cannot find it in traditional book format.

Mary in Tennessee

From what I can see, the Welsh bibles that are still in print (or ar least available as new) are from an edition that was re-worked in 1988. The latest printing of the original Morgan bible was in 1955 (as far as I could find), so these are probably only available on the secondary market.

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This news makes me sad.

Update: I found a New Testament for a good price on eBay!

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If you want to read old versions of the Bible including the 1955 Morgan edition then download the Ap Beibl from the Bible Society. I live seven miles from Y Bala and love the story of Mary Jones and the beginning of the Bible Society…
(But then I am a Methodist Minister :wink:).

If you’re happy with an online version of it and you work your way through the options on bibleplan.org you can find Beibl William Morgan as an option.