Quick Question about New Subscribers for Welsh Course

Please could someone direct me to where I can find the costs and any different membership options for the Welsh Courses, or if the payment structure has changed? I am on the old subscription, but think I have read somewhere that this has changed. I have looked but can’t seem to find anything.

I have a friend who wants to subscribe but would like a few more details before she goes through the sign up process.

Many Thanks


I don’t know if this helps but I’ve recently upgraded from 1 language to all languages plan and the things were no different. I payed 6.95 GBP for this and it goes through PayPal or credit card which data you put into your profile…

The only Welsh subscription plan is 3.95 GBP.

If your friend is only now signing into SSiW page (not forum) she’ll be prompted how many languages would she like to learn and which one. If she’s already signed in then she should go to “Learn” Welsh page, then on the upper right corner she clicks on her name so that she gets dropdown menu. There she can click “Subscription” which puts her directly to the subscription page. Clicking to my subscriptions (which appears first anyway) she’ll find the two available plans which she can chose inbetween.

However, she shouldn’t be startlet if she’d maybe get an error message when trying to pay via PayPal. I’ve got one but it all went smoothly in the background. I also believe this error page only occurs if you try to upgrade the plan what means you already have paying data implemented into the system.

This is that much that I know and had experienced. Hope it is of some help.

Aha, and I rememberred something else: when I didn’t have any subscription yet I only could get Welsh subscription and when you sign for this then only you can upgrade to “Polyglot” plan. (This is what I remember I had to do first).

Happy learning to your friend!


Many thanks. This is really helpful. Andy :slight_smile:

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You’re welcome.

Ups, but I forgot important data (however you might already see by yourself)

Only Welsh subscription is 3.95 GBP/ month
and Polyglot subscription is 6.95 GBP/ month

The other thing: I’ve already reported the error I’ve mentioned above to @aran so the things will be sorted out sooner or later but as I have said, it probably occurs only if you’re upgrading and paying with PayPal and it might be possible only in Google Chrome.


Quick bump for this thread. I need to change my payment details as I am in the process of switching banks. I couldn’t see a way to do this other than to cancel my subscription/membership then re-join?

Oh, I’m confused - do we have to pay? I’m doing the Dutch and Cornish courses and haven’t had to pay thus far…

If you haven’t had to pay, I don’t believe you do. But there are things that require payment. And the growth club also. Not sure if that includes any benefit to Cornish and Dutch or just Welsh though.

On the right side where it says which plan you are paying you have one (although it maybe should be more visible) link which says “Update Billing Details”. Clicking on that one it allows you to update your paying details. You update them just by entering the new payment method (credit/debit card) and click button “Update” and you’re done. If I remember correctly you get the message on the site if paying method is successfully updated.

I hope it helps.

@Calum if I’m correctly informed, only Welsh from Course/Level 2 and Spanish course (I believe from Challenge 5 (not sure though)) are payable. Everything else is for free (for now. So paid becso. If you weren’t prompted for payment, you don’t need to pay anything.

Hope it helps also.



Ah, gotcha - bedankt!


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