Questions re short forms - yes and no?

Cwestiynau twp…I’m probably supposed to know this :blush:

I’ve done the first four lessons of Course 3 (Southern). We are learning to ask questions, but (so far) haven’t been formally taught the answers. For the past tense, I would guess we use do/naddo, so the answers to

Welaist ti’r ci? / Did you see the dog?

would be

Do, welais i’r ci. -or-
Naddo, welais i ddim y ci.

For future tense, I would we guess we repeat the verb, so the answers to

Wnei di fynd? / Will you go?

would be

Wna, wna i fynd. -or -
Na wna, wna i ddim mynd. (This could be a song, na na na :notes: :slight_smile: )


Wedi di wrtha i? / Will you tell me?

Weda, weda i wrthot ti…
Na weda, weda i ddim wrthot ti.

Yes, no, maybe so? All help welcomed. Diolch o flaen llaw!


You’d be fine with all of those… but for the last set, I’d be more likely to use ‘gwnaf/ na wnaf’ there as well… :slight_smile:

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Diolch, @aran! Good to know I’m mostly on the right track. :slight_smile: