Questions about speaking practice and groups

Sorry to ask yet another question.

Firstly, does anyone know if there is a list or database anywhere online of the groups for Welsh learners?

I’m wondering if the reason that I’m progressing so slowly compared to all the experiences I read on the forum from other learners is because I don’t have very much speaking practice with other people. I mostly just talk to myself (aloud at home and in my head elsewhere!).

Secondly, there was a Zoom group that met on Saturdays that I went to once. I think it was related to SSiW. Does anyone know if it’s still going? I don’t think I’m able to make it for a few weeks but will try after that.

My last question is, am I at a disadvantage having done a Dysgu Cymraeg course before SSiW? As I mentioned, my progress is slow (I got up to Level 3 of the New Course but am doing the Old Course now, up to Lesson 9 of Level 2). I finished Sylfaen but I struggled whenever I went to speaking groups. It’s mentioned a lot how much better the SSiW method is, so I’m wondering if doing a traditional course first is holding me back? Obviously I can’t change that now but had anyone else had a similar experience? I read on here how other people seem to be breezing through the lessons!

This one is maintained by Paned.Cymru and has groups meeting all over the place.

Yes, The Saturday at Noon, Zoom! still happens. I wish I managed to get to more of them myself.

I also don’t have much speaking practice other than myself, so when I do on rare occasions manage to join an online session I find myself lost for words and struggling far more than with my usual excellent conversation partner (who rarely asks me an unexpected question, given that it is myself). I think you’re doing the Southern variant if I remember correctly, I’m doing the Northern, but maybe you’d be interested in trying to have a video call together at some point?

Maybe it is a question of expectations that makes you feel you are progressing more slowly? The thing with SSiW is we can set our own pace and determine how quickly we move on. In my case I do a new lesson almost every night, even if the one before went really badly. I’m too impatient to repeat them and tell myself I’ll make it up sooner or later. People like me probably look like we are flying through based on which lesson we are on, I don’t know if it is really true. But you actually seem to me to be racing through things yourself - it wasn’t that long ago you were asking about doing the old course, and you’re well into it now!

That’s great- thank you that is exactly what I have been looking for.

Thanks, from June I am hoping I will be free on some Saturdays to attend. I was easily the worst at speaking at the one I went to but everyone was OK about it.

I will try as you suggest and just carry onto the next lesson. I also get bored and frustrated when I have to repeat them. Since Level 2 Lesson 4 (Old Course) I have repeated each one a few times and it’s since then that I started to not enjoy it as much again, so maybe that’s why.

I’m gonna try to get my head around Slack (if it’s still a thing?) properly this time so yeah that would be helpful to have a video call at some point.

Thanks for your help!

Yes, it’s still going strong. You’re a member of the Welsh Speaking Practice Slack group, so you can join in there whenever you want. Just go to if you can’t remember how to get in.

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