Question (Simple) from Charlie - Currently doing level 1

Question (Simple) from Charlie - Currently doing level 1;

Just moved your question into its own thread so you have more chance of getting answers :slight_smile:

Thank you! Sorry, wasn’t sure what I was doing!

Here are some green icons as you’ve already moved onto blue - :green_heart::parrot::frog::crocodile::turtle::lizard:

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oops, I just realised that should probably be ‘hoffen i fynd am dro’ rather than ‘hoffen i mynd am dro’

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Hi Charlie!

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Acen hyfryd @kate! Lovely accent! You sound just like @CatrinLliarJones!

I don’t want to jump the gun and give you your blue badge when you haven’t had the chance to earn your red and green ones yet, so here are some blue rewards: :robot::blue_heart::merman::whale::dolphin::fish:

Diolch @Deborah-SSi :joy: I didn’t know we got prizes! I think I mustn’t be on that bit yet, I’m on week 7 of the 6 month course :heart::green_heart::blue_heart:

Yes, your pink speech bubble badge will change to blue when you answer a question, but you’ll have a couple of other tasks before you get to that. Great that you’re jumping in and sorting out the technology though!

Great! Thank you for my blue things :whale: :blush:

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Hello Charlie
Here is my attempt at replying to your question - diolch yn fair iawn!

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A post was merged into an existing topic: Going BLUE - SoundCloud ‘Answer’ recording Green to Blue :large_blue_circle:

Oh noooo have I now answered in the wrong place?

If you’re answering Charlie’s question from the top of this thread, then this is the place to post your answer. :slight_smile: Have you put it somewhere else?

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Hi @Deborah-SSi all sorted thank you, Catrin found my lost post and Huw was a great help too! You guys are amazing! Love you all to bits!

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Sorry mawr for the confusion @Deborah-SSi, I’ve changed the order of things a little to make messages easier for me to track, so now all answer recordings actually go in the going blue thread and all question recordings go in the going green thread. Hope this makes sense… :wink:

Ah, OK, sorry to confuse people. I’ll have a look now at how it works so I can advise anyone who asks in Slack. I used to find it hard to match answers to questions if they weren’t together in the same thread, but I’m glad you’ve found a way to do it :slight_smile:

Yes, sorry for that curve ball! :wink:

I found it easier and quicker in a way to be able to flip from one thread to the other and have all recordings just in those threads, instead of lots of little new ones which were at risk of disappearing down the timeline.

So now all sentence recordings go in to the pink to red thread, all questions in going green and all answers in going blue.

If you’d like me to put an update in SP then let me know. Otherwise I’ve changed the info and instructions in the relevant places on the forum if you want to cut and paste them as updates for Slack. :blush: